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What Does It Take For A Business To Succeed In California?

Whether you are looking to establish a startup enterprise, scale your existing business, acquire an additional business, or dissolve your entity and wrap things up, having an experienced business law attorney is the key to successfully accomplish your goals.

I am Jerry Goldstein, an attorney with more than 45 years of experience assisting a vast range of business owners achieve their business-related objectives. Organizing, operating or dissolving a business in California involves many steps, no matter where you are in the lifecycle of your business.

Legal Support Is Foundational For The Life Of Your Business

 It may be obvious that compliance with myriad government regulations and minimizing risks is vital for business owners. Some business owners make the mistake of thinking they can do it all by themselves without legal assistance. This is especially true these days since the internet is abuzz about artificial intelligence (AI) tools that supposedly make your business profitable at your fingertips. While this may be partially true, there really is no substitute for the personal attention of a lawyer. I keep up to date with state and federal regulations governing businesses. I know how to apply these laws to your real-life circumstances when you are looking to start or scale your business. Hiring a knowledgeable business law attorney is the nucleus of a business plan and viable business.

Accessible And Personal Legal Assistance

 At the Law Offices of Jerry J. Goldstein, I provide my clients with valuable legal counsel, advice and representation drawn from more than four decades of experience. I partner with businesses as their in-house general counsel for reviewing, negotiating and drafting the full spectrum of contracts; protecting intellectual property and trade secrets; resolving disputes; minimizing liability and risks along with other day-to-day operation concerns.

When a business owner comes to me with formation and governance questions, I have the experience to give insight for planning, raising capital, discussing tax advantages and obligations of various entities; creating partnership and alliance agreements; ensuring compliance with legal formalities; operations manuals, among other formation duties.

As a full-service business law firm, I also offer counsel for:

  • Employment issues
  • Insurance questions
  • Commercial leasing
  • Private equity
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Construction and development

There is no suitable replacement for personalized legal assistance.

Set Up A Consultation Today

It doesn’t matter if you are attempting a startup or a longtime established business – the Law Offices of Jerry J. Goldstein is here for you. Send an email or call me today at 760-359-2233 to set up a consultation with a trusted business attorney in Palm Desert.