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Start Your Business With Legal Support

You have done the hard work of dreaming up your business. But – like many small-business owners – you are unsure how to tackle the legal details. Do not try to navigate complicated business laws alone. You need experienced legal advice to start your company on the right foot. Speak with an experienced business planning attorney at the Law Offices of Jerry J. Goldstein in Palm Desert, California.

I am Jerry Goldstein, a California business law attorney with more than four decades of experience as an attorney focused on business formation and operations. I provide services on behalf of corporations (including nonprofits), limited liability companies, partnerships, sole proprietors and more.

Legal Counsel For A Wide Variety Of Business Organization Matters

Do you need assistance with determining which business structure will serve your business goals? With more than 45 years of legal insight from working with a full spectrum of California businesses, I can help you with critical business matters, such as:

  • Choosing the form of entity
  • Reserving the name
  • Organizing the chosen entity
  • Filing for state securities exemptions
  • Ensuring compliance with federal and state laws and regulations, including employment laws, security laws, taxation laws, environmental laws and others

Have You Decided To Start A Corporation?

California corporations are subject to developing these documents to comply with state and federal business regulations:

  • Articles of incorporation
  • Bylaws
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Possible Election of Subchapter S corporate status for tax purposes
  • Employee stock option plans

What About A Limited Liability Company?

  • Articles of organization
  • Operating agreements
  • Employee membership interest option plans

For All Entities

  • Employment agreements
  • Employee manuals
  • Vendor agreements
  • Product and service contracts

Do not risk future liabilities from mistakes you make today. Hire the voice of experience to assist you in the organization and operation of your business in the Palm Desert area.

What Are The Key Components Of An Effective Business Plan?

 It is best to start your business plan with what some call a “mission statement” or others refer to as an “executive summary.” The first part of a successful plan is to describe the purpose your business serves. Are you selling homemade products or providing a professional service such as dentistry? Describe how your business works. Where will it be located? What about zoning? How many employees will you hire? Write the details of how your daily operation runs and how you will manage your day-to-day operation.

How deep do you want to go with the life cycle of your business? Sole proprietorship? Limited liability corporation (LLC), corporation, S corp? Where will your funding for the startup come from? How will you accept or provide vendor payments?

Market analysis and business strategy are going to be important. Describe your target client. Does your location need another pet product retailer or veterinarian? How will you market your products or services?

Do you have a plan for sales and growth? What is your rubric for measuring growth and profitability? Can you describe the details of your logo and original creations? How will you protect your original work, such as your business logo or other products you create?

Do you understand how a commercial lease works? What is the competition like? A business lawyer can help you answer these questions and provide resources for accurate competitive analysis, financial projections, gathering and storing employee or shareholder resumes, licensing, permits, commercial property leases and more.

Can I Create A Comprehensive Business Strategy For My Startup?

 Yes. And why not? Only you know what is going on in your imagination. Once you have a business strategy in place, you can take it to an experienced business law attorney to discuss its feasibility and fill in the missing gaps.

What Steps Should I Take To Organize And Structure My Business For Success?

 Stop. Sit. Write. Call me. Start now and write out your ideas and then get in touch with an experienced business law attorney for guidance on how best to structure your entity for maximum service to your community, profitability – and maybe – a bit of fun along the way.

What Are The Benefits Of Implementing A Business Continuity Plan?

 In the event of your incapacity while you are alive, you could lose everything you worked for, and your employees would be out in the cold. So would your vendors and, possibly, your business reputation. When you have a continuity plan, the life cycle of your business is extended through challenging circumstances until you can make sound decisions about the future of your business. There are other benefits. Call me to discuss how I can help your business bounce back quicker after an unexpected interruption.

How Can Effective Time Management And Task Organization Improve Business Productivity?

As the familiar adage goes, “Time is money.” Despite a plethora of time management and task organization tools available for business owners, ineffective time management will continue to drain a business’s resources. When you update the technology your business is utilizing to include calendaring or warehouse inventory software, for example, you can reduce redundant activity or the time unproductive employees spend wondering, “What next?” Investing in technology can boost employee morale in that your employees will see you care about their effort enough to spend money to improve efficiency.

Call Today To Put My Insight To Work For You

As a business owner and lawyer, I aim to provide personalized legal advocacy to assist you with achieving your business goals. Call my office at 760-359-2233 or send me an email inquiry to discuss your business aspirations and your legal options to bring your business ideas to life.