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Are You Looking For A Commercial Lease Attorney?

If you want to open a business outside of your home, you will no doubt need to find a location that fits your needs and that can attract the type of customers you desire. You can either purchase a commercial structure or lease what you need from the owner of a commercial property (i.e., a landlord). Generally speaking, most entrepreneurs or business owners will opt to lease because of the costs involved in purchasing and maintaining commercial real estate.

Commercial leases are different than residential leases in most cases. For instance, a residential lease is usually more open-ended in terms of length, while a commercial lease is more restricted. Other considerations play a factor in commercial leases that may not be present in residential leases.

I am Jerry Goldstein, an experienced business law attorney. I can help you understand the nuances of commercial leasing for your California-based business.

Commercial Landlord-Tenant Rights And Obligations

Commercial structure owners have much discretion in the types of business they can allow in that structure. They can also set the rules for signage, modifications allowed, insurance needed, subleasing options, and more. Additionally, they can establish the lease amount, when it is due, and whether there are additional fees and/or utility payments.

This may seem like the landlord can dictate from on high, but California law bestows certain rights on tenants and as a corollary, imposes regulations on landlords. The primary right of a commercial tenant in the Golden State is to a safe and inhabitable property. The landlord must maintain the property in good condition, ensuring it meets all building and safety codes.

What Legal Considerations Should I Keep in Mind When Entering A Commercial Lease Agreement?

There are myriad legal matters when it comes to commercial leasing. Zoning requirements are foremost when considering a lease for commercial property. You will need to carefully consider the type of business you have and how long you wish to be in that location when entering a lease. Your realtor cannot provide legal advice prior to signing your contract. Before entering into any commercial lease agreement, speak to a lawyer and have an experienced business law attorney review your contract first.

How Can A Business Lawyer Assist In Negotiating Favorable Terms In A Commercial Lease?

A realtor is likely anxious to close a deal in their own favor. A business lawyer will help you with due diligence to ensure there are no missing terms in your commercial lease that could result in extra costs in the long-term for your business.

What Legal Documents And Provisions Are Commonly Included In Commercial Lease Agreements?

Commercial lease agreements will vary from property to property. At minimum, the agreement – which must be written if it will last one year or more – should include a clear description of the property details or definition of the premises, the proposed and permitted use of the property, utilities, official landlord name, the tenant’s information, lease terms, amount of security deposit and rent, increase terms, insurance documents, maintenance requirements, restrictions for subleasing, indemnification, among others.

How Can Legal Counsel Help Resolve Disputes Or Compliance Issues Arising During a Commercial Lease Term?

Resolving disputes and compliance issues can be time consuming and frustrating for business owners who do not know the current regulations for commercial leases. When you hire legal counsel, you will have someone who knows your legal rights under the law and can take action to enforce your contract through assertive negotiations or a lawsuit when necessary.

What Legal Challenges Can Arise During Commercial Lease Negotiations And Management, And How Can A Lawyer Help Address Them?

Repairs and maintenance issues frequently arise in commercial leases. Who is responsible to pay for what becomes contentious, especially when the safety and security of the premises become contentious. Other typical disputes involve a business outgrowing the location. When operations expand, business owners may no longer comply with the specific use clause. A lawyer can enforce or renegotiate the terms of the lease.

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